By Watchdog reporter

The woman of the moment is Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi aka Mrs Bobi Wine. And when her husband went into politics, and along he carried his wife who proved she was another orator before supporters, the family’s fans went wild.

Unfortunately, the praises for Barbie and Bobi who recently won a by election to represent people of Kyadondo East, don’t stop at that celebrity couple, however, it always draws in their harshest critic Bebe Cool (Moses Ssali), and again his wife’s name is always dragged into these chicken fights.

Like her husband Bebe Cool, Zuena was this glamorous girl who has grown up, married and mothered before the eyes of scrutinizing public. Even when she rarely answers back her critics, comparisons between her and Barbie are always made.

With Barbie at the centre of praises for inspiring her husband to rise to bigger things, some people went for Zuena, saying she has not helped Bebe to grow beyond an ordinary artiste, never mind Bebe Cool is one of the biggest music brands in East Africa.

This week, amidst a furor of words, Zuena reached out her critics, sharing a photo on her social media of a humble woman going about shopping in an ordinary market.

Trying to show a contrast between the woman people imagine she is, Zuena tells her fans than she wakes up as early as 5.00am, and makes sure she prepares children for school like many mothers out there, instead delegating that work to maids. The other things she points out is that she does not do all her shopping in supermarkets like many people would imagine, but that she goes into the dirty market where she expects to find fresh foods for her family. And she ends her post by assuring her readers that BTW, she is a down to earth person as she finds time to chitchat with ordinary people in markets and streets.

What a cool a response, Mrs Moses Ssali. That is called humility and good communication.

Below is her post:

“It’s that time again,waking up at my usual time 5am,get the kids ready for school then drop them at school….with our puffy eyes and swollen morning faces we head to the market.They say the early bird catches the fattest worm and indeed by 6:50am we are already in the market picking the biggest matooke,fattest fish,fresh vegetables etc.
Market days are the best days because not only do we have to get the freshest foods but we get to interact with the sellers. Wishing you a blessed new week”, she posted.