By our reporter

ZTE, a Chinese telecommunication company, has come out to clarify on its ongoing feud with Huawei Technologies regarding a bid to complete the final phase of the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI).

Of late, there have been media allegations that ZTE is blackmailing National Information Technology Agency Uganda (NITA-U) in order to be given the NBI project.

NBI is an internet infrastructure (cables) connecting towns plus most government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) spread across Uganda

Speaking with the company’s Public Relation Officer, Ms Angnla Lui revealed that they are not aware of the ongoing feud between the two telecommunications companies.

She said as one of the bidders for the project, ZTE is waiting for an official announcement from NITA-U regarding the whole matter.

Ms Lui dismissed reports that Budadiri Member of Parliament Nandala Mafabi is being used by ZTE to fight Huawei citing that they have no any connection with the legislator.

She further revealed that Huawei and ZTE are close competitors who relatively operate on a fair market adding that the best company will take the bid.

Apparently, ZTE is bidding against Wanainchi Telecom, Raubex Infra, Camsat, Bandwidth & Crown services + Wuhang Fibre Home, and Huawei.