By Herbert Bukenya

Dance hall crooner Ziza Bafana has been quiet recently after his monster hits Akalulu, Pomini, Tuli magye, Ogolola Mavunya, Muleke Agende and others that rocked the years 2015 and 2016.

Word has been going round that he is broke as he blew all his earnings so he can’t do any more music and he has continuously disputed this.

The wordsmith has always insisted he is just taking a sabbatical and will be back soon but it was taking too long to the frustration of his fans. Things might be a little better soon as a little known management company based in the UK is said to be in advanced negotiations with the dance hall star to sign him up.

The sticking points according to our sources privy to the negotiations are the amount of money the management company is willing to invest in Bafana’s career and what the payment terms will be. Beyond that a deal is soon being reached according to those close to both parties.