By Najibu Mulema

The world seems to come to an end, the things we hear about pastors and their quests for miracles these days are quite alarming. First it was a pastor who preaches while standing on the follower’s backs, and then another one spraying the congregation with doom like cockroaches and now another weird one is here.
Reports making rounds online, say a Zimbabwean Prophet, Walter Magaya sold anointed cucumbers to his church members claiming they they are heavenly blessed by his ‘God’ and those they can solve any problem affecting his congregation.
The self proclaimed prophet had his ushers pass the cucumbers to the congregation, during a church service, for a certain amount of money, after ‘anointing’ them.
According to, Magaya had been accused and charged with allegations of rape, in August 2016, and he also made the headlines for allegedly banning members of his church who are PHD holders, from attending church services.