By Watchdog reporter

A few weeks back, socialite Zari Hassan angered her social media followers after posting a photo of her sitting on the grave of her ex-husband Ivan Semwanga who died in May this year.

Many people perceived the photo as ‘inappropriate’.

Zari captioned the photo,” Bin a min bro, passed by to see how u keeping. Gone but not forgotten.

After her sister being roasted by social media users, South Africa based socialite Ting Dis has exactly did the same stunt that left his sister Zari disappointment for life.

Today afternoon, Ting Dis also posted a photo of him sitting on his late brother in-law’s grave.

He captioned, “Boyi, it’s been 2 months now. Crazy and diff out here without you. Mum came through too, hope you guys are good,”

We sit back as we wait for another serious roasting.