By Watchdog reporter

South Africa based Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga died on Thursday and by the time of his death he died a ‘single’ rich man not because he didn’t have the capability to have a woman to call a wife but because he could not get back with the woman of his dreams and that woman was Zari Hassan.

After the death of Semwanga yesterday, some of his relatives pinned Zari to be one of the causes of his death. They alleged that since Zari left the tycoon for other men (Farouk Sempala,Isaac Lugudde, Diamond Platnumz among others), his life was never the same, he developed High Blood Pressure due to Zari’s stress. He always tried several ways to make the socialite come back into his life but he never met any light at the end of the tunnel until the time of his death.

Born on the 23rd September 1980. Zari grew up in a town called jinja in a country situated in east Africa known as Uganda, she attended her primary and later moved to Jinja girls high School where she thought to cultivate very positive personalities and passionate attitude towards achieving her dreams, on completion she moved to the city of kampala (The country capital city) where she performed karaoke in hang-outs during her High School vacation.

She later stayed in the UK for two years where she did a cosmetics course. She came back to Uganda in the year 2000 before relocating to South Africa where she met Semwanga.

Zari fell in love with Semwanga and in 2012 the Ivan was introduced to Zari’s parents in Munyonyo in a multimillion introduction ceremony. The two have three sons together.

A year later the couple had a bitter split whereby Zari accused Semwanga of domestic violence but they later made up.

In 2014, she again left Semwanga for lover boy Farouk Sempala and in 2015 Zari found her way into Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz’s heart. They are still together up to date and they have two kids together.

Though Zari got married to Diamond Platnumz, Semwanga kept on vowing that he will one day take back the mother of his kids. Unfortunately he went to meet his Creator when his mission is unaccomplished.

RIP Ivan Don.

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