By Herbert Bukenya

As Diamond Platnumz was busy posting videos of himself with baby mama Hamisa Mobeto getting cozy on social media, his other baby mama Zari Hassan was not amused.

Her anger arose from the fact that Diamond tagged her in the videos making out with her ‘co-wife’ and even went ahead to add a caption of how he is sweet like sugar cane and Hamisa is enjoying it all.

This prompted Zari to reply through her snap chat that Diamond’s management is doing a poor job allowing him post such rubbish on social media. She went ahead to insinuate that this dumb fella who is her ex boyfriend hasn’t even checked on the children he has with her since they parted ways.

Adding the children have even forgotten about the celebrated artiste who is their father by now thanks to his clumsy and unbecoming ways which are not worthy of a responsible father!