By Watchdog reporter

After being informed by sources that Zari Hassan, the ex-wife to the late Ivan Semwanga is about to finish up all the late’s wealth in South Africa through selling the surviving property one by one, Ivan’s uncle Herbert Luyinda immediately flew to South Africa to save the remaining assets.

Luyinda who left for South Africa on the day of Zari’s mother burial, wants the socialite hand over all her responsibilities regarding Ivan’s property so that the family members can pave a new way of re-distributing the managerial responsibilities.

Initially Zari had agreed to work with Ivan’s family but later changed her mind and some of the late’s relatives in South Africa including King Lawrence claim that she has sold all the expensive cars which were left behind by the tycoon adding that after selling the cars, she went ahead to enjoy the money with her husband Diamond Platnumz.

They went head to accuse Zari of single handedly handling the Brooklyn College affairs yet prior it was agreed that she was supposed to work hand in hand with other committee members who were appointed to look after the late’s wealth.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Zari and her three kids she had with Semwanga have no legal, marital or biological connection to Ali Ssenyomo (Ivan’s legal registered name in South Africa migrants’ authorities) which means they cannot claim “Ali Senyomo’s Property in case they opt to pursue legal means.

Apparently, Zari needs to be very careful as she trades her arrogance with the family, much as the family cannot prove relationship with the ‘fake’ Ali Senyomo but in case South Africa discovers that the fraudulent and criminal Ivan Semwanga is the same Ali Senyomo and has this contested estate they may decide to hold his property until cases against Ivan are settled thereby allowing his victims to sue his estate.