By Kiyimba Bruno

Young people stormed the streets of Kampala on Tuesday morning demanding for strict enforcement of the Tobacco Control Act in order to stop them from abusing tobacco, and other smoking substances.

Youths under Geoffrey Kuteesa foundation come out to the streets of Kampala, to express their dissatisfaction that tobacco abuse goes on unabated.

Mr Kuteesa says there are high risks for non smokers to be affected with the act of smoking.

In a statement, Kuteesa says that it is alarming that five months since the Tobacco Control Act, 2015 commenced, the government has not made any deliberate efforts to implement the law.


This tobacco control law commenced on 19th May 2016.

It is expected that once enforced, this law will protect citizens, smokers and non smokers, from diseases such as lung cancers and heart diseases caused by tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.

Youth want the government to apprehend people smoking in public places and those selling and using tobacco products banned under the law such as shisha and smokeless tobacco products like kuber.


Second hand tobacco smoke is known to cause lung cancer, heart diseases, cancer of larynx (voice box), nasal sinuses, brain cancer, cancer of the bladder, cancer of rectum, stomach cancer, breast cancer and in children; low birth weight ear and eye problems, learning and development problems, leukemia, liver cancer, brain tumors, cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and lung infections.