By Bruno Kiyimba

Youth have been advised to monitor the tax payer’s money.

The call was made by Allan Muhereza Murangira, the team leader for Youth for Tax Justice Network Uganda at the  African Youth Day celebrations in Kampala on Thursday.

Muhereza explained that there are very many youth come across pending stuff but they do not care to know the reasons as to why. He expressed worry that the youth of today just look on as their taxes are waste. 

“When you find a road with a pot hole, ask the nearest local leader the reasons as to why,” he advised, adding that this shall help everyone to know if their taxes are utilised well.

“When you look at all the problems of youth – for instance poverty, unemployment and many more – they can easily be sorted. But it all comes back to the attitude that the youth have towards paying their taxes,” Muhereza said

Under the theme “Exploring Spaces for Management on Taxes,” the dialogue attracted youth activists from Tanzania, Burundi, and Kenya to deliberate on the spaces that are left among youths in ensuring the proper usage of the tax.

The function also attracted activists from civil societies like the Southern and Eastern Africa Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI)

Aloysius Kittengo, SEATINI’s programme officer said youth should play their roles in developing the country through paying taxes.

“It is only through tax that any country can develop. And the young generation should play its role towards making their country a better place to live in the next day,” Kittengo added.

He urged the youths to always make a follow up on understanding where their taxes are allocated.

SEATINI is one of the few civil societies that have tried to fight for the rights of tax payers along the globe of Africa.