By Moses Ntare

The renowned model agro forestry farmer in Kyabahinda Nyarubaare Ntungamo district James Namara on Friday received a delegation of farmers from Kibinge Sub County in Bukomansimbi district greater Masaka region at his Ntungamo Integrated farm and demonstration centre (NIFADC).

Namara and a delegation that comprises 70 members from Kibinge coffee farmers cooperative society and VI Agro forestry led by an agriculture extension worker Ruth Namaganda, learnt strategies on how they can improve agro forestry farming in their areas.

Agro forestry is a land usemanagement system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland.

He noted that the combination of agriculture and forestry has varied benefits, including increased biodiversity and reduced erosion since he is on stony and hilly area.

James Namara, a retired public servant now turned model farmer in Ntungamo district attests to the benefits of agro forestry and biogas who uses bio-slurry to fertilize his crops of banana plantations, coffee, vegetable gardens, fruits and flowers, fishing, both food and cash crops.

Namara told his guests to practice good farming methods of conserving soil and water while embracing commercial farming for sustainable development.

He urged young people to be visionary, focused and determined towards achieving their goals if they are to transform themselves, families and the country at large instead of yearning for quick wealth.

He further  urged the government to support individual farmers who are complementing government efforts to improve food security in Uganda.

The group leader Ruth Namaganda hailed the Namara James for turning his farm as a demonstration and resource centre which will help many struggling farmers to gain skills.

The delegation was later host by Namara James and his wife Kellen luncheon in their home and the tour was blessed by Rev Paddy Karuuru of Kabira COU.