By Faridah Nakazibwe

Do not ever let your family history, your past mistakes, your parents poverty, your family background, your relationship odds, or anything kill your dreams. You may be born in a very poor family but dying poor is your decision. Make your own efforts & build your dream the way God wants you to be.

Instead of struggling with making our own dreams a reality, we waste time blaming our parents or relatives for our situations even when we can change our lives. They dont owe us a life. We have to fight for our own dreams & eventually their lives will also change.

Let’s take ownership find our own ways. Let’s not be discouraged by the past. There so many millionaires that grew up in very poor families. They changed that by working hard & persuing their dreams & not living poor lives because they were born in a poor family. Stop thinking as a poor person just because you were born in poor family.

You have what it takes to make it. Other people are afraid to even just try because they do not believe they can succeed. Your future is in your own hands. This world has no time for people with excuses or those that live in pity parties waiting for sympathy.