By Herbert Bukenya

Dance hall artiste Latinum who has taken a swipe at celebrated local dance hall talent A Pass branding his latest album African Yayo a flop.

Latinum says an album with over 20 songs just having only one hit is clearly a flop and nothing more. As a result A Pass should stop thinking he is a big artiste because no serious artiste can have only one hit off an entire 20 plus track album.

In response A Pass told the youngster whose Babo and Balage singles are getting some decent rotation on the airwaves to get a life and stop disturbing busy people.

A Pass says while he is busy minding his own business some people go around insulting him to get likes and trophies which he thinks they wont even get.

Beyond A Pass’ response, fans of Latinum and critics are equally wondering what happened to the young artiste’s A Level results having sat his Senior Six final exams not so long ago and smartly stayed quiet when results came back.

Latinum is being asked to prove his mental ability as a result by making his results public otherwise speculation that he actually failed his UNEB HSC exams could actually be true.