By Kiyimba Bruno

Yesterday young stars converged at Kasana play ground to show case talent. In the tournament dubbed Uganda Muslim schools Gala, over 17 teams managed to compete for both netball and football.

Speaking to the participants, the head mistress of Luwero Islamic school Hajjat Alma Muwonge Kakande said that she was happy to see kids come out to discover their talents.

“Iam so grateful that at least we have started. If kids come out like this often and interact then they will expand their knowledge’’ Said Alma.

She went ahead to thank all the teams that managed to make it and believes that she will have a higher number of participants.

Luwero Islamic managed to emerge as the pioneer winner of this tournament after gaining victory of 15:04 against Answar Islamic school.

Thrills of Victory covered the play ground as pass masters Habab Islamic swiped 4:0 against moonlight primary school Luwero.

Mu Utamu Sinan from Bilal Islmic primary school managed to come up as the outstanding player of the tournament.

On the same gala, the head coach for Luwero Islamic netball team as well a teacher for Kiwumpa church of Uganda Primary school Luwero Miss Nabwire Christine criticized the Muslim schools for keeping kids too busy in books and religion ,a factor that hides talents among children.

‘’this tournament if goes on annually shall change lives of many. In the past Muslim schools have been the best for teaching religion and worst in developing talents. I believe that many talents are still hiding out there.’’ Said Nabwire.