By our reporter

You have heard that the government is planning to tax you for using social media. Many Ugandans were asking how that was possible.

Well, finance state minister David Bahati has explained.

While at NBS Television’s Frontline show hosted by Charles Odongtho, Bahati says the government is going to put additional taxes on top of what has been taxed.

Bahati says the government is going to ask 15% tax on mobile money transactions up from 10% cut from every transaction. The government will also take 1% from each transaction.

He also said that the government will on top of tax on airtime add another sh100 per day charged from any smart phone user with social media apps.

“It’s not double taxation but additional tax,” said Bahati.

On the same show, Medard Sseggona, Busiro East MP, challenged the additional taxes on data and social media as double taxation. He advised that instead the government should increase the taxable percentage.