By Kiyimba Bruno

Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde has this morning assured Ugandans that they shall gain a lot from the ‘Buy Uganda build Uganda”(BUBU) as it is the only way for them to market their own country’s products.

Speaking this ,Kyambadde was at the implementation of the BUBU strategy to the partners.

The minister said that many Ugandans don’t feel they own the products produced by Ugandans hence end up buying imported products.

“Many ugandans are not proud of their commodities. They are even ashamed to indicate that their products come from Uganda”said Kyambadde.

The plan for BUBU includes 18 complete stages which shall cover the establishment of capacity of the producers and textiles, building of capacity of the local service supplies as well as many more.

BUBU is started to show Ugandans the need to own their products.