By our reporter

Douglas Mayanja alias Weseal has lashed out to a section of Goodlyfe fans who bashed him for his closeness with socialite Bryan White.

While on Instagram, he posted his picture with White Brian which sparked rage between him and a section of Goodlyfe supporters who criticized him for spending too much time with the socialite instead of taking care of his career.

“Dude please don’t go for cheap popularity, do your music, we miss your hard core not the money bags, wake up it is high time you pick your broken pieces and move on RIP Radio,” lamented a one  Caye_ dnys.

However, Weasel proved that he is a hard nut to crack after throwing a hard hit response to his ‘haters’ where he reached an extent of telling them that they are the main reason why Mowzey Radio died and that they want to kill him too.

He posted

“ @ Caye_dnys don’t be fake…..You guys named radio all sorts of names, that he was HIV+ etc, now you call him Legend after he died, everyone is playing our songs from five years ago as if they are new, wow, all these songs are too old and that is why my brother died, you didn’t show him love and now you want to show you care? Thanks for al,l the hatred you showed him before.I am too strong that I am live, now you guys want to kill me too, don’t be fake, show love where it deserves. Let me enjoy my life, I don’t have a contract with you. You were not there to pick up those pieces before they got broken, please I am a father, let me be,”