By Frank Gashumba

What do we learn from the current sugar crisis in our country Uganda?

Simple, majority of Ugandans mindset rotates on ‘Mere ya Leero’ when you tune into radio stations, the sugar issue has taken the center stage. Almost all callers on radio stations are discussing the current sugar crisis , the same with the dailies and TV stations! This clearly shows the mindset of Ugandans.

Their lives rotates on food!!! There are many pressing issues in this country like dead infrastructure, horrible hospitals, the education system which produces job seekers rather than job creators among many other topical issues that affect the common man. The unemployment rate is going out of hand but surprisingly we are discussing sugar and we are forgetting these rulers managing Uganda spent five years in the bush, to them sugar was like diamond!

They suffered for 5 years and they have enjoyed themselves for the last 30 years and the way I see things, they are still ruling this country! Surprisingly instead of focusing on how we can change our country to make it better, we are discussing petty issues like the scarcity of sugar. And do you know that people use honey than sugar these days?

If you’re reading my post and you are complaining about sugar, I pity you and if you voted this government and you are complaining about sugar, I wish it goes to Sh50,000 per kilo so that you can feel the real heat of NRM I usually tell you. Those who spent 5 years in the bush and their relatives, even if a kilo goes to Sh1m, they can easily afford buying it!

The message in my post is very simple, think beyond food to ensure we leave behind a much better country for the next generations. I personally don’t even know how much a kilo of sugar goes for and I don’t want to know anyway. If Gashumba doesn’t know the price of Sugar, you think Museveni knows? I pity you whose life rotates on food and petty issues!! The sooner you wake up, the better for you and for the Country at large.

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