By Kiyimba Bruno

Female Kick boxing champion Patricia Apolot has vowed never to play any boxing game for her country Uganda due to the fact that she was not welcomed when she asked for the chance.

It was in a pre-match kick boxing  press briefing that Apolot  opened up a secret on how she is playing boxing for slovakia.

Apolot said that she tried all her best to play professional boxing for Uganda but her efforts were neither appreciated nor welcomed.

“It very sad that I brought a world Kick boxing title home and National Council for Sports welcomed me after two weeks.” Apolot said.

She revealed that she will keep fighting for Uganda in one game known as kick boxing  due to the fact that its where she has made a name from and many young star are still looking up to her as their mentor.

Apolot said that she asked the federation and the National  Council of Sports if they could accept her to add boxing to the other talent off kickboxing but it was all in vain.

“I asked very many times from these people to allow me play boxing as a woman but my application was trashed.”noted Apolot.

On this note she urged the Ugandan government and the Uganda Boxing Federation to respect all sportees since very many people have talents but they just need guidance.

Apolot shall be fighting in Kumi against Bosnia’s Sandra Zivkovic in  a kick boxing fight that is intended to take the game back to her home district.

The “Elohim intercontinental tittle championship” is slated for 4th September at Secret heart hotel Kumi and entrance shall be Shs10,000.