President Yoweri Museveni has challenged the newly commissioned UPDF Officers to be committed to work and maintain discipline. He made the call today at the Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba in Mubende district where he commissioned 2nd Lieutenants who a one-year course. They included serving UPDF soldiers, jet fighter pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.

The ceremony, conducted under an afternoon downpour, also included awarding of prizes to the best performing students. RA 216321 Julius Baluku scooped the best overall trophy while the best student in class was RA 181977 Dick Batamba. RA 218178 Keith Tusiime was the best in the field while RA 224372 Emmanuel Mangeni emerged the most disciplined.


“I congratulate the new Officers for completing your training. You must work hard, be disciplined and ready to do more courses. This is a very important course because it introduces you to junior leadership in the Army,” he said. He noted that Second Lieutenants, who have been commissioned, are able to lead a platoon. He, therefore, tasked Senior Officers to follow up on the training of the junior ones.

The President expressed happiness that the new Officers emerged from within the Army. He observed that the move to attract trainees from within the Army motivates soldiers. He congratulated the leaders in the Army, including the Commandant of the Uganda Military Academy Kabamba, Brig. Emmanuel Musinguzi and other Officers, for their role in training the soldiers. He revealed that he follows closely on the issues of training in the Army.

The President commended wananchi for encouraging and contributing large numbers of students to join the Army. He informed the gathering that turned up to attend the ceremony that the new trainees would take over from the retiring officers.


The President lauded the armored and artillery forces as well as the Air Force for their impressive performance. He said that there is need to provide more powerful boats to serve the Marines Force on Lakes Victoria, Albert and Edward adding that the Force would be suitable in controlling illegal fishing.

Noting that the Government has been spending Shs.96 billion per annum on rent, the President informed the soldiers that the NRM Government will solve the issue of housing for its officers and soldiers. He stressed the need for a primary school in each of the major Army barracks to cater for the children of soldiers and that an Army Secondary School should be at the Division level. He also revealed that the Government is working out methods of providing university education for children of soldiers.

The President informed the new Officers that the work of soldiers entails a mission to defend Uganda. He explained that the Army is a center of discipline because soldiers fight as a group; as indiscipline could jeopardize life and lead to death. He told the new Officers that knowledge is a necessity in modern warfare. He also reminded them that lack of patriotism has caused instability in a number of countries. He, therefore, urged them to respect every Ugandan adding that they should respect and love every African who is not a criminal.


The Chief of the Defence Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala, saluted President Muuseveni for sparing time to bless the ceremony. He revealed that UPDF is in the process of transforming the Kabamba Academy. He called on the new Officers to develop the culture of saving in order to enable them invest.

Brigadier Musinguzi, the Commandant of the Uganda Military Academy, revealed that the passed out Officers covered various topics including field craft, military leadership and field engineering.