Police has issued a warning to all female citizens seeking employment abroad to desist from going through companies and individuals a warning aimed at limiting cases of getting killed and sale of their body organs.

The Head of Interpol Uganda AIGP. Fred Yiga while meeting officials of foreign missions said that many of those workers who go through wrong channels have always ended up being killed and enslaved.

“Those of you seeking employment abroad shouldn’t use illegal channels because many who have done so before end up getting killed. So avoid using back door people or channels,” AIGP. Yiga warned.

He said that police has been facing challenges in trying to secure a safe return for Ugandans who get into trouble abroad simply because their employers always demand for a refund of the money they bought these Ugandans.

They always ask money ranging between 11 to 22 millions for every girl which means relatives need 36 million shillings to enable their person be returned.

He noted that to avoid such issues, Interpol has changed its certificate of Good Conduct because it had become too easy for Ugandans to forge.

The Uganda Interpol Police therefore invited officials from foreign missions especially countries preferred by Ugandan foreign workers so that they can get to know about the new face of this certificate.

He said that the certificate of good conduct is issued at Interpol offices in Kololo for only 64000/=. This is intended to do away with middlemen who have been demanding for alot of money from people and end up issuing forged certificates.

In furtherance to this he said that Interpol has also found out a one conman who opened a website with a telephone contact in the names of Alex Ndyezekire soliciting money from unsuspecting victims claiming to be an immigration agent.