By Watchdog reporter

“No blood should hold us back”, reads a line from the advert of sanitary towel brand, BodyForm.

The campaign done by London Agency AMV BBDO, has been lauded by as ingenious.

Finally a sanitary pad advertisement done right!,” says the website.

It goes on to write, “Women, this is the sanitary pad ad of your dreams: so deeply repressed in your subconscious by the infuriatingly saccharine blue-stained, white and flowery fare you were watching all this while, that you didn’t know this was what you wanted until you saw it. This advertisement, created for Bodyform’s campaign by London agency AMV BBDO, for once (as far as sanitary pad advertisements go), shows us the actual deal: the strength, the ferocity and toughness of blood on women. The ad, though explicit, causes zero awkwardness.”

In Uganda, African Centre for Media Excellence’s Grace Natabaalo, a women and journalists advocate sounded her journalist friend saying, “Yap.Flory Mujaasi here you are”.

Mujaasi responded, “Girl you’re right! I love it, on point.

The world still has stigma against women’s menstruation cycle and in countries like Uganda, thousands of girl children are held back from going to school due to poverty to access sanitary wear during their monthly periods, or, because boys and male teachers have backwards prejudices against menstruation.

The advert helped raise the issue of menstruation showing powerful girls and women pursuing their dreams despite their various body parts getting bloody.