Yvonne Oyo Vena, 28, a resident of Bweyogerere Kigandaazi zone, hit Zion Ssendagire, 9, a son of her co-wife, with a stool on the head killing him instantly.

She allegedly wrapped the body and transported it to Ziroobwe – Kaleerwe, Luweero District for burial without any suspicion.

But Bweyogerere Police headed by ASP Karim Magid received reliable information about the murder and followed the suspect to Ziroobwe.

ASP Magid found when the burial was underway and halted it until a post mortem was done.

On murdering the victim she called up her close friend who assisted her to transport the body Ggwatiro Hospital in Bweyogerere. On discovering the manner in which the victim faced his death,the doctor declined to render any professional help. Yvonne then took the body back home where she hatched a plan to transport the body to the husband’s village in Zirobwe.

Constance Kisaka, a mother to Zion Ssendagire, said her son was kidnapped from Brosom Nursery and Day Care Centre where he was schooling in Jinja and was informed that he was taken by his father.

She opened up a case at Njeru Police Station, investigations were carried out though the chances of finding the child were futile.

“I tried to search very where for my son but failed miserably because even my husband’s contacts that I previously had were all switched off until when he rang me to call me for the burial of my son. When I asked him what he had died of, simply told me it was due to severe malaria. I was only able to know the truth when the police came and explained the circumstances surrounding his death”, victim’s mother said.

As burial arrangements were being made, announcements were passed on barring anyone from viewing the whole body only just the face.

On examining the body, Bweyogerere Police discovered serious injuries on the head, nose, stomach, chest and strokes of canes on the entire body.

The body was taken to Mulago for a post mortem.

Henry Kasirye, the father of Ssendagire, and Oyo Vena Yvonne were arrested.

The post mortem confirmed that the child was tortured to his death.

Bweyogerere Police searched at the home of Kasirye where they recovered the deceased’s clothes with bloodstains and a stool commonly known as ” Malaya Asiika” used to hit the boy.

Kasirye, a former employee at Nile breweries in Jinja, has been on the run for other criminal cases he allegedly committed at the former company while Vena Yvonne who has been the housewife is a S.4 student at Homesdallen a school located in Kirinnya.