By Watchdog reporter

As we celebrate International Women’s Day around the world, we bring you the outstanding woman for the day basing on her contribution towards the girl child as well as her ability to defend herself against oppression.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi is some of the few oppressed women in Uganda who are able to fight for their rights even better than men. Right from the word go, Nyanzi refused to walk behind the back of injustice.

The Makerere University Researcher came into limelight last year when she staged a nude protest against her bossProf Mahmood Mamdani at Makerere Institute for Social Research (MISR) who had closed her out of her office.

Her reaction sparked public outrageous and many people criticized her whereas some sympathized with her.

In the due course, Makerere University suspended on grounds of misconduct. Many women activists came out to fight for her rights though it was too late.

After her suspension, the controversial academia secured a research job at one of the Universities in South Africa not until she was recalled back by Makerere University last month.

Through her Facebook posts, Nyanzi has been attacking whoever she thinks is oppressing or promoting impunity against Ugandans.

She reached an extent of insulting President Yoweri Museveni regarding his previous comment to Ugandans of ‘Am not your servant’ she went ahead to harass the First Lady Janet Museveni who had said there was no funds to buy girls sanitary pads.

Due to her ‘stinky’ posts against the two powerful people in the country, Nyanzi on Tuesday was summoned by the Criminals Investigations Directorate (CID) at Kibuli and she was accused of cyber harassment.

Guess what; in order to prove that she is a fearless lady, Nyanzi went ahead to insult the officers she found at the headquarters and warned them that she won’t be threatened by the oppressors adding that she will stand by what she believes in.

She even went ahead to launch a sanitary pad campaign to cater for the helpless girls and the academia managed to raise shs5 million on a single day…..all in the name of fighting for the oppressed and the needy girl child.