By  Ivan Mubiru

Kanungu Woman Member of Parliament has been summoned by the High Court in Kampala to defend herself against allegations that she poisoned a Parliamentary staff identified as Donna Kamuli.

According to Joy Kabajje, the court’s assistant registrar,  Elizabeth Karungi should file her defence within 10 days from the date of receipt of the summons or failure to do so, judgment will be availed in her absence. The Summons were sent out on October 30.

“Whereas the above named plaintiff (Ms Donna Kamuli) has instituted a suit against you upon the claim the particulars of which are set out in the copy of the amended plaint attached hereto. You are hereby required to file a defence seeking leave to appear and defend yourself in the said suit within 10 days from the date of service of summons on you in the manner prescribed under 0.9 rule one Civil Procedure Rules,” Ms. Kabajje said in the summons letter to Ms Karungi.

Through her lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, Kamuli, a receptionist at Parliament recently alleged that she was poisoned by the legislator after suspecting her of having an affair with her husband.

The said poison was administered in mineral water served by unnamed waitress at Café Pap, a restaurant along Parliamentary Avenue.

After taking the water, Kamuli says she started experiencing stomach ache, prompting her to carry out a thorough medical checkup and examination at the government analytical laboratory. Results showed that a pesticide -Deltamethrin had been administered in her drink.

According to Mr Rwakafuzi, the poison caused damage on his client’s intestines, eyes as well as her nervous system.


Nation Media owned KFM reports that Kamuli received a call from Karungi on the fateful afternoon, asking her to meet at the said restaurant to have a woman-to -woman talk.

During the meeting, the MP narrated to Kamuli of how her husband Kamugisha is seeing a fairly young brown lady whom he picks from a hotel in Makerere Kikoni and drops her at Parliament.

Kamuli contends that the MP disclosed to her that she had put a price of Shs20 million had a balance of Shs60 million for people to trail and kill that young woman who is destabilising her marriage.

However, in response Kamuli said , “I told the legislator that I was not young, I am a mature woman, married and now separated with 14-year-old first born, with my own car and had never been driven by her husband. I showed her my family photos including my estranged husband. The legislator’s body language showed shock and regret though she could not say.”