By Najibu Mulema

Police in Kyamulibwa, Kalungu district has saved a woman from being lynched by an angry mob.

Regina Nabwami, a resident of Kyamulibwa sub county survived death by an inch after a mob attacked her accusing her of buying fetishes that horrify residents in the village.

Locals claim that Nabwami bought the charms with the intention of getting rich but now they have instead turned against her causing harm to the village.

Hussein Samba, the village chairperson says that he had always received complaints from the locals about Nabwami’s alleged withcraft but never took them seriously until residents took matters in their hands and attacked her.

He says the mob destroyed Nabwami’s property including her coffee and banana plantations.

Latif Zzake, the Kalungu police commander has condemned the mob’s action warning that culprits risk arrest adding that investigations into the matter are underway.