By our reporter

Uganda is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world composed of a unique cultural heritage, its a home to more than 64 ethnic tribes speaking different languages and each tribe with different traditional beliefs.

Each of these groups have remarkably dinstinctive cultural practices that have a lot of intrinsic value that has kept each group together for a very long time. Many of us may see them but get no sense out of them. However, if you take some time to discover the meaning behind these practices you will be amazed.

Our languages, names, dress codes, dances, foods , folklore, , artifacts, rituals and festivals and other cultural practices; all tell a story about the beauty of Uganda.

For example; Ankole is known for its treasure; the long horned cows, Toro and Bunyoro are known for their unique pet names is ; Akiiki, Atenyi, Alari , Amooti, Atwoki, Apuli, Atenyi and more.

Bugisu is known for Imbalu ritual than initiates a boy to manhood and their famous kadodi dance and the Malewa.
Buganda is known for their unique costume; The Gomesi for ladies and Kanzu for men and their delicious Luwombo among others.

Karamoja for their unique dances, the ritual of young men chasing girls to start courtship that later leads to customary marriage.

Bakiga for their unique energetic dance; Ekitaguriro and their foods.

We all need to endeavor to respect the cultural practices of each and every ethnic group in order for us to continuously and harmoniously live together appreciating who we are.

Ekyooto International Cultural Festival under the theme;” Our adverse cultures empowering each other ” brings all these Unique cultures together in a three days cultural celebration where they will showcase their physical display of distinguishing identities ranging from their cuisines, music and dance, dress code, poetry and fire place storytelling, exhibition of their unique arts, crafts, technology and innovations that will include; iron smelting, Barkcloth making and other historical tales.

The main theme for this year’s edition is food; different cultures of Uganda alongside other international communities that include the Indians through Indian Association of Uganda, the Chines, Turkish, Ethiopians, Rwandans and Congolese will showcase what they are best known for, giving people a taste of Ugandan and other international cuisines from across the world all in one spot across the three days of the event from 21st to 23rd September at Uganda museum.

Come taste Uganda, come enjoy the tastes, sights and sounds of the world.

We know that culture begins at the heart of every family, so this a perfect time for families to come out and get together to enjoy the foods, cultural performances, the kids play area where our ancient traditional games like; kwepena, rope pulling, kawuna, duru will be there, then face painting, bouncing castles, cultural quiz competitions, talking head, kyesubbo and a lot more.

A country that celebrates together, stays together, let’s all be at Uganda museum for this unique experience.

Entrance is 5k for adults and 2k for Kids.

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