By Mourice Muhoozi

Since June 2016, there has been growing insecurity in Uganda, masterminded by many organized criminal gangs. These have branded themselves names like “Kifeesi” in Kampala city.

These have infiltrated various acts of vandalisms, deaths and inflicted heavy suffering on the Ugandan lives.

For example according to 2016 crime and safety report in Uganda, there has been a continuous trend of crimes in urban areas, inaccurately, or unreported. It all started in areas of Masaka, Lwengo, Bukomansimbi and Sembabule districts where criminal gangs hacked to death several Ugandans.

In a nutshell, the great question of the day remains; why hasn’t the UPDF intervened to stop the Nansana and Entebbe female murders, yet they are quick to deploy in foreign countries like southern Sudan, in case of emergencies?

With the partnership of the Uganda police and the UPDF gang attacks against civilians were reduced, but to a smaller extent. This led to the birth of a similar phenomenon in Nansana and Entebbe, only limited to the female gender where many ladies have been murdered in a gruesome way.

The name that was given to the supreme armed force of the country, that is to say; Uganda People’s Defence Forces indicates that this force is charged with the responsibility of ensuring safety the lives of the Uganda people. According to the ministry of defence, the UPDF is supposed to be accountable to the people, while focussing on protecting them from internal and external attacks

One wonders why there is always a quick response in deploying this force to foreign countries yet Ugandan inhabitants are dying at a terrific rate, due to security reasons.

Though it is indispensable necessary to attend to the security of Uganda’s neighbours, the state inhabitants should be given the first priority. It is a big shame to the government of Uganda that claims to be chiefly involved in soldering peace on the continental Africa yet her own citzens are being murdered.

It undermines the popularity and credibility of the regime. Arrests and investigations into murders in Entebbe and Nansana have been left to the police alone. The national army has abstained from this, raising a lot of questions and concerns. The police are sometimes inefficient and ineffective. This explains why these gruesome murders have persisted in Entebe, despite some police apprehensions. For example, the Business Focus has reported today, that the death toll of women murdered in Entebbe and nansana in the past months has risen to 22.

Though the full intervention of this force militarizes the state, they should at least help the police in tracking down criminals because they are highly skilled and possess better intelligence networks than the police. This can help to restore citizens’ confidence in the government towards ensuring their security and put to an end, if not help to curb these rampant murders in the country.

The writer is a second year student of journalism and communication at Makerere University.