By Lawrence Kazooba

Tomorrow, Nathan Nabeta is handing over his position as chairman Uganda Broadcasting Corporation to Simon Kaheru.

Kaheru was appointed by ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze to be acting chairman as Nabeta hurriedly resigned his position.

However, many people were asking why Nabeta was in such a hurry that he didn’t give the minister ample time in his search that he had to appoint an acting chairman.

Watchdog understands that the Inspector General of Government (IGG) closed in on Nabeta, criticizing his action of holding two positions.

Nabeta is also MP for Jinja Municipality East, although his seat is shaking since court declared his rival Paul Mwiru winner.

It appears Minister Tumwebaze forced Nabeta to resign rather than face the law after report to the Minister from deputy IGG George Bamugemereire indicated that Nabeta’s action was equivalent to conflict of interest. He had to relinquish one position. And he chose to be MP.

According to Bamugemereire, a Member of Parliament cannot also be an effective member of a statutory Board such as that of UBC because it violates the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers upon which the system of government is based.

He had to relinquish one position. And he chose to be MP.

Bamugemereire had advised the minister that, “Nabeta presides over a Board which reports to Parliament, where he is a member. As an MP if he was party to any Board deliberations in terms of approval of the budget and/or submitting of audited accounts he would automatically become subject to prosecution for the offence of conflict of interest,” he noted.

Bamugemereire proposed that if Nabeta declines to resign, the minister should use his powers under Section 7(4)(c) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2006 to remove him from the UBC board because he would be legally incompetence to chair the UBC board.