Lawrence Kazooba

President Yoweri Museveni used his controversial Liberation Day speech to say kind words to Democratic Party’s legal advisor Denis Mukasa Mbidde.

The kind gesture left many people wondering if the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP was in bed with the ruling party.

Mukasa Mbidde is known to be shrewd politician.

His politics has over the years graduated from student to youth wing politics, and after trying to capture a seat in the Ugandan assembly; he took advantage of Forum for Democratic Change’s boycott of the outgoing EALA assembly, and made a deal with the ruling party.

By Mbidde helping to legitimize the Ugandan members in EALA, he did the ruling party a big favor.

Now that FDC is back to seek what’s theirs in one of the hottest EALA races in the past, now, Mbidde needs to be done a favour by NRM. Mbidde also faces an uprising in his party with several aspirants emerging wanting his slot.

That’s why Museveni had to endorse him. NRM members in parliament should ensure Mbidde goes through because he has not antagonized NRM, and in addition, Mbidde has done a good job in the Arusha based regional Parliament than many members.

After President Museveni told people in Masindi on Thursday that Mbidde was a “good DP man” the message he was passing on was that Mbidde was an ally and therefore needed their support.