By Mike Ssegawa
The meeting between the Ugandan and Rwandan leaders was a welcome move.
This website recently published a story lauding Mr Museveni for snubbing the African Union summit in Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Yes – it was good because it yielded the fruits of the Entebbe meeting last weekend. Rwanda should stop taking Uganda for granted.

That said, we also commend President Kagame for his wisdom, to see through the need to meet his counterpart and mentor before the situation ran out of control.
Museveni rarely dwells on beefing with neighbouring leaders – much as there has been many issues to resolve. For all his failings locally especially on the economic front, Museveni has however gathered his regional muscle by playing big brother; rendering support whenever necessary to neighbouring countries. It was therefore worrying that there were reports that the security of President Museveni could not be guaranteed in Kigali if he attended the African Union Summit.

The reports followed reports that tensions between Uganda and Rwanda had once again gone sour. What we understand now is that there are government officials, according to Mr Museveni’s speech on Saturday who fueled the bad blood. These officials included diplomats and military officers. How could these people allow such a situation to reach fever pitch?

Anyone sensible would realize that the security of Ugandan borders becomes better with knowledge of the enemies that an attack on Rwanda automatically draws in Uganda and the vice versa. This is where Israel for example, draws its might. Its enemies over the years know that when you attack Israel, it is a direct attack on USA. The same relations USA has with Britain. That is how those three countries have dominated world politics for more than half of a century.

To repeat Mr Museveni’s words to the press on Saturday, he stated; “There’s no fundamental conflict between Rwanda and Uganda, we don’t even have a border problem like that of Kenya. We discussed that issue (on Rwandan citizens being harassed) and the solution is close cooperation. The interests are clear…”

I also agree with the presidents that the break down in communications among junior and senior government officers causes unnecessary tension.
In fact, I believe, if the said government officials are known, should be penalized for upsetting the relations between the two countries. We don’t need conflict in this region anymore; internal or cross border. We need to work together to solve regional and global challenges.

The time officers spend on petty issues, should instead be utilized on benefitting their countries through clear strategic goals. If there is anything we need from Rwanda, it should not destabilize Rwanda. The same applies to Rwanda, they should not do anything in Uganda which would lead to creating insecurity here. Instead, we should be doing more projects together that may lead to the prosperity of our people.
I therefore commend the efforts of Presidents Museveni and Kagame to reach out to each other to resolve the impasse which has affected business and work flow in some sectors of the two countries. The winners are people in the two countries.