By Watchdog reporter

Joseph Kigozi resigned as CEO of BBS Terefayina last week. The man who branded him as “senkulu” was been instrumental in setting up the Buganda Kingdom TV.

#WatchdogUganda understands Joe who has been at BBS tv since 2015 turned down several offers to return to NBS and deputise his former boss and mentor, Kin Kariisa. He joins him as his Number Two and Chief of strategy.

WatchdogUganda understands that Kigozi was tasked to set up BBS Terefayina and manage it for two years which he says he has fully done as he emphasized in his resignation letter.

Kigozi says, “My part was done” and now wants to be part of NBS’s ambitious media plan to turn NBS into a dominant media force in East Africa. NBS also owns Sanyuka and Salam TVs.