By John Njoroge

I am with some young journalists. They have this fire in them to expose injustice but all morning the engagement has been all about the pitfalls and difficulties about doing investigative stories.

The UN is leaving Uganda as an operational base. There is something they know we dont.

Impunity has reached an all time high. Government officials are like Gods, public funds are not respected. How do these young journalists with thin skins work under these conditions? Will they stay in journalism? Who is left?

Mr Museveni is busy “bringing” investors into and environment where innocent women are being kidnapped and killed. Yes, am sure most of you have not noticed but most of the kidnapping are of women. Outright killings and robberies of money cars are directly on men.

All kidnappings end with those women in plastic bags. Nobody has tried to find out why. Even police tell families to start looking for bodies. Someone mentioned the other day Muslims are being blamed for killings and kidnappings. He questioned how come leads only happen after a Muslim establishment has been raided?

Uganda Police is always fighting with other agencies, for budgets and even in the middle of the night with operatives one agency and another keep clashing as they try to steal from civilians.

Drug trade, organ trafficking, human trafficking…can i continue?

Uganda was never like this 10 years ago. Why is Mr Museveni not responding firmly? And he is a human being not a God, but one who has power yet look.

Today a child of a peasant is kidnapped, tomorrow a child of a minister may be kidnapped, even Mr Museveni’s own children may fall victim. It is not a joke. Any of us can fall victim.

And who are doing this? I tell you no civilian is capable of these atrocities. We have been reduced to chicken, going home at 6pm. Those who now enjoy the night are Buveera booze drinkers and the criminals. Lord!!!