By John Ssentongo

Shadow internal affairs minister Muwanga Kivumbi has had some good fights for our country in the past. It also seems he chooses his battles selectively.

Kivumbi, the Butambala county legislator, has a docket to offer oversight to among other things prisons, police, immigration, and citizenship in as far as checking the government excesses is concerned.

The internal affairs department under Gen Jeje Odong is dogged with several challenges including the corruption at Immigration that has showed its head again since Gen Aronda Nyakairima died who had threatened its existence. The police of course has had its fair share public scrutiny, not only for its failure to stop thefts, murders, accidents on roads, but also its professional conduct in light of its brutality towards the general public.
Muwanga Kivumbi as shadow internal affairs minister and deputy chairman for the internal affairs and defense parliamentary committee, has not made a strong case for congestion in prisons for all its disadvantages.
However, he recently got what he deems a strong case in his docket: the imprisonment at Nalufenya of the Jamil Mukulu, the incarcerated leader of the Allied Democratic Front.
ADF has caused untold suffering to people of Rwenzori area and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Some Muslim leaders have allegedly been killed by agents of ADF.
Mukulu since his arrest last year, has been detained in a facility for terror suspects in Nalufenya. Many terror suspects have been detained there.
In the same facility Prince Joe Nakibinge, a film actor, was mistakenly jailed there earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, Muwanga Kivumbi didn’t go to Jinja to advocate for innocent people like Nakibinge.


However, to coincide with Mukulu’s appearance in court schedule, Muwanga led his committee to Nalufenya. He returned complaining for one prisoner; Jamilu Mukulu. No wonder when Mukulu came to court he had the audacity to shout at the judge. Possibly thinking he can threaten him like he has always done.

Kivumbi, out of hundreds of prisoners, says Mukulu is being jailed in terrible conditions.

When Kizza Besigye complained about his jail conditions including being flown to Karamoja by Kayihura’s police, Muwanga didn’t raise his voice. He’s been silent as thousands of prisoners were dehumanized including working for politicians like slaves for politicians like state water minister Ronald Kibuule. Others are sodomized while more than 90% of them have no access to toilets.
But well, Muwanga, of all prisoners, chooses to fight for the rights of a sworn murderer who has killed thousands and turned innocent children into killer machines.
By choosing to defend terrorist Mukulu, Muwanga has showed on whose side he falls. Muwanga is not a defender of hundreds of children who were orphaned due to Mukulu’s terrorist activities. Kivumbi doesn’t give a damn to the defense budget blown in pursuing the terrorist in Mukulu and his cohorts.
Kivumbi cares less about parents that lost their children to the rebel’s killer instinct. He won’t talk about it. It’s not important. What’s important is Jamil Mukulu a jihadist who slaughters children, and rapes women.
Does Muwanga even care that in 1980s when Mukulu was jailed in Luzira he used the opportunity to radicalise inmates who formed the core of his rebel group. Of course, it doesn’t matter to him. It was a mistake to release Mukulu after the famous attack at the Supreme Council in the 80s. So many shouldn’t have died or suffered over Mukulu’s activities including the killing of students at Kicwamba Technical Institute in Kabarole district.
Muwanga should draw the line on whose behalf he is standing: terrorists like Mukulu, or, the innocent Ugandans and Congolese Mukulu and his men have massacred in their thousands.