By John Njoroge

I have been holding my keyboard not to type anything about this DFCU Bank. I have given it time, space, patience, my every single bit of compromise but today I have had it. I am tired. I think the Central Bank made a humongous mistake to hand over Crane Bank to these charlatans.

When Crane Bank was given to this bank I got worried. 6 months before it became official I wrote here that DFCU was taking over Crane Bank and that I was worried.

You see, I have been a Crane bank customer since 2006. In 2008, I came by a good bit of money but I was required to have a Barclay’s Bank account, which I opened. I later transferred a good potion of that money to Crane Bank and I never had any issues. When I moved to the Daily Monitor in 2010, someone advised I open a DFCU account so that we could transact some business and get a loan. I did. It was a disaster. I closed that account by 2013.

When DFCU took over Crane Bank, I was very worried. I took sometime to think. Should I maintain my crane bank account which was now DFCU? So one day 2 months ago, after a meeting at Centenary Bank, I frog marched a friend into DFCU Bank Kampala road. I wanted to upgrade my account and get an ATM card since a transaction was to go through my account to benefit 3 other people.

First, the transaction bounced 3 times. I was given apologies. Finally it matured. Then came the ATM issues. I was told 7 days, today it is 65 days.

Now I am expecting a foreign transaction and getting a simple swift code is a problem. 3 different employees have asked for my personal mobile numbers to get back to me on my ATM card and even bank statements. Never to call.

I am a poor man. My ka-money is sweat, blood and tears. I don’t think I need this BS. They have a public number, a land line that is online and that can be accessed the world over. 0414-345346 Nobody picks it. Today alone, I have called it 7 times. My benefactors abroad have been calling it for 2 days.

Am tired.

John Njoroge is a Ugandan veteran journalist