John C Ssentongo

Faridah Nakazibwe Ssali is a heart snatcher. He stole an old man’s heart.

Hajj Moses Kigongo has been a big man for 30 years, getting his way with anything, political, business even women.

He would win as many trophies as he wanted and lost them without minding it.

Now there’s an age you can’t lose anything. There’s also that thing you can’t just lose.

So, Kigongo is way past 70. At this age he cannot gamble with anything as losing it might mean the end of you. It could mean even death.

But Hajj just lost Utoda, where he was a patron. His wife he badly to divorce from Olive, wanted a part of Mosa Courts apartments, and he could actually lose it too. Now he’s losing a young woman he taken comfort in.

Anyone who has gone through a head break understands old Kigongo is hurting. And hurting a lot. You can’t be losing everything dear to you and remain okay.

And when this young woman, who should be your youngest daughter, snatches your heart and break it too, there’s a huge problem. And she doesn’t just stop there, she also throws mud at you. Kigongo can’t sleep soundly anymore.

Hajj needs a rehab, to reassure himself that he was good enough.