By Norah Owaraga

Yes, Uganda is truly gifted by nature – fertile soils on which crops and animals can grow all year round. The underbelly of Uganda’s land is apparently also rich with mineral resources – such as copper which I believe is now nearly exhausted, if not already; and now more recently the discovery of oil. Whereas oil may be a big money earner it cannot last forever as land does.

It is Uganda’s fertile soils – the land which carries its population – that is its peoples’ greatest gift of nature. Uganda is a merchant state for it depends on surpluses extracted from agriculture for its economy. Ugandans also depend on agriculture for food and nutrition security – mostly organic food production on the land.

Why is it that Ugandans are not up in arms ensuring the protection of our lands from land grabbers? Why is it that we are seemingly passive as others usurp our rights and self appoint themselves stakeholders in our lands? Who are those who claim stakeholders in Uganda’s land anyway?  Read more here

Ms Owaraga is the Managing Director of CPAR UGANDA. This article was picked from her blog