By Najibu Mulema

Sarah Nabikolo who had been charged with the murder of her husband Kasiwukira has been acquitted of the murder chargesby the high court in Kampala.

However, her cousin, Sandra Nakungu and Ashraf Jaden, a police officer at Muyenga Community police station were convicted of murder.

The presiding judge said the two had a common intention to kill Kasiwukira.

Kasiwukira was a city business man who was killed in an intentional hit and run when he was jogging in the morning near his house in Muyenga.

By the time he died he was the treasurer of kwagalana group (rich men’s group in Kampala).

Nakungu and Jaden have been sentenced to 22 years in prison because court found them guilty.

The two are to spend 20 years in prison after the court deducted the 2 years they have spent on remand.