By Watchdog reporter

Presidents are very busy people, and therefore, don’t pick every call that comes through. However, some calls can’t wait. One call could save or destroy lives. And that was the situation on Monday when on the way from Isingiro District on Monday where he’d presided over the World Population Day celebrations.

President Museveni stopped his long convoy at Kyeirumba Village along the road linking Uganda to Tanzania through Isingiro, to make a phone call. It was about 4pm in the afternoon.


The Ugandan leader stepped out of his car to speak to the person on the other side of the line. His staff later brought him a seat and continued talking on the phone for a while.

The president, who has been following developments in South Sudan, was briefed about the situation in Juba. He offered advice that the two principals order their troops back to the barracks and if anyone resisted, they would be arrested.

From the body language, it showed the president was speaking with an equal about a familiar subject.

The military leader, who doesn’t play with military indiscipline that Museveni is, also told his caller that if anyone resists arrest, they should be neutralized.

By this morning, it seems the call that the president made was instrumental in the silence of guns experienced in Juba on Monday night.


As the president spoke, curious residents gathered one by one to look at the President sitting by the road side. Museveni kept acknowledging waves from motorists driving past him.

After 30 minutes on phone, the president briefly interacted with the excited locals.

From the look of things, and from locals that were following the conversation, President Museveni was speaking to the South Sudan President Gen Salva Kiir.