Rajab Kaaya Sema

Though I disagree politically with Bebe Cool, am his ardent music fan because he is such a great talent.

I equally disagreed with Kazibwe Dan – Ragga Dee bid for the City Lord Mayor and I have much respect for him.

When I met him during the 2016 campaigns, I had a simple chat with him, he told me that whether he wins or loses he will remain the same. Our biggest challenge is that our people in Uganda can not delineate between politics and private or personal business.

Why should any sane person attack Zuena because Bebe Cool didn’t support Bobi Wine to win Kyadondo East by election? Worse still people who attack other people’s families have never dreamt of having one and others have challenges in their relationships.

Who told you Barbie is better than Zuena! Better in which way! Have you ever been married to any of them? It’s only their husbands who know them in and out. For once let’s always respect other people’s families.

Uganda is another Country in the World with people who have no respect for those who are far much better than them by all standards. Style UP!