By Najibu Mulema

The Observer newspaper offices in Kamwokya were raided on a fateful Saturday night. Over 15 desktop computers, several laptops and other assorted items were stolen.

One person may ask, was the raid a political conspiracy or it was a normal burglary which we always see in a day to day life?

You should always be suspicious in whatever situation that touches media.

It’s alleged that a security guard from one of the private security firms guarding the headquarters premises a one Charles Olupot on the morning of 16th October was not found at his work station with his gun abandoned in the compound. This makes Olupot a first crime suspect.

According to Philbert Waibi, OC at Kira police, “we are trying everything possible so that we can find out who broke into the offices, we haven’t found him yet but we have cooperated with his bosses so that they can help us in the investigations.”

After the theft, Pius Katunzi an editor at the Observer said, anyone who broke into their offices will not move them, they will keep on working as usual on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

However, there are corners saying it could be The observer newspaper is in possession of some dirty secrets which led to the break in, and that their computers were taken.

What do you think about the Observer newspaper break in?