By Najibu Mulema

Debate has been going around on who is the richest Sangoma especially when it comes to tycoons Sulaiman Kabanngala Mbuga aka SK Mbuga and South Africa based Ivan Semwanga.
Well it is a very hard decision to make as long as the riches of the two are concerned because we don’t really know what their bank accounts hold, still we don’t know their fully owned assets.

But basing on what we see on social media, what they display in public, we can at least endure to know who the real boss between the two loaded fellows is.

Though Mbuga now days is based in Uganda, the public first knew him when he was still based in South Africa. Semwanga still has his base in South Africa though once in a while he comes back home to splash some cash especially in the Christmas festival season.

To begin with, between the two who cruises latest monster rides in town;

Here am not siding in any way, but the truth has to be prevailed, I won’t deny the fact that Semwanga drives monster cars like a hammer 3 not exceeding five in number ( counted on few tips) but they say among women there are women and among cars there are cars, what I mean this slim man, Mbuga has got what they call monster rides, he has more than 10 cars including hammers, range rovers, Benz, BMWs and the latest add to the collection is a multi million porshe car.

When it comes to Flashy houses Ivan has a multi mullion house in Muyenga and early this year he was raided by NWSC over issues of water theft, he had spent quite a long time without paying water bills. Was it because of brokenness?
Sk Mbuga also has got a multimillion flashy house. Basing on the way the two houses look like, it seems they fall in the same cost bracket.

Mbuga is a real estate dealer, he has got a lot of property including land, commercial buildings and right now he has a hospital under construction along Ggaba road called Nu Shifa hospital. On the side of Semwanga own a chain of schools and apartments in South Africa,he also owns a student’s hostel in Kampala.

Semwanga is much known for his flashy and partying and show biz. Whenever he lands in Uganda , it’s easy to notice that he is town because he is all over the media and he parties like there’s no tomorrow, he knows how to spend cash though the last time he partied , things did not go well at club Guvnor because he failed to pay a beer debt of shs5 million. Semwanga whenever in public he splashes money in any way possible but by the time his holiday elapse, he is already broke.

Mbuga is also known for his flashy life though he doesn’t party too much like Semwanga, he once in a while go to clubs but usually appear on the executive parties in town.

Recently, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) impounded some of Mbuga’s cars over failure to clear taxes, I don’t know whether the tycoon had gone broke but it took days to rescue them after looking here and there for the money to pay to URA.

On the side of charity, these two tycoons rarely give back to the society though they have on some occasions done so. They like to do it when cameras are all over them.

For example, Mbuga drove all his flashy cars to the Carol Atuhairwe car wash fundraising since it gave him hype in the eyes of the media.

Early this year, Semwanga had put up a charity drive every weekend where he would visit needy people and offer them something in terms of cash, commodities among others but it was short lived, the drive disappeared in air like wind.

Last weekend, Mbuga threw a mega wedding ceremony at Kampala Serena hotel worth shs2 billion leaving every Ugandan wondering where this man gets his money from. On Saturday, Mbuga gave his newly wedded wife Vivian Birungi a fancy Porsche cayenne, making to the few or one of its kinds in Uganda.

Semwanga the last time he tried to be commited to women was when he was introduced by his ex wife Zari Ttale to her parents in a multimillion introduction party. Unfortunately he had offered 100 cows, which offer Zari declined saying she is not worthy 100 cows only.

Now the question stays with you to decide who is richer among the two.