By Najibu Mulema
Upon arrival at Entebbe airport, Dr. Kizza  Besigye was grabbed like he was going to explode with dangerous substances and arrested by police in conjunction with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Questions arose of who might have arrested Besigye. Was it police or CAA?

In his submission, Besigye said he was arrested by people wearing aviation uniforms.

But Viane Lujja from the public relations office of CAA issued a statement on Wednesday refuting the claims saying, no official from CAA was involved in arresting Dr Kizza Besigye.

While appearing on one of the local television station, Besigye said, he can’t tell who is who among those who arrested him but he insisted that those people were putting on Aviation uniforms even they used a CAA van to take him to the old airport.

However, the police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi clarified on the issue by saying, the police arrested Besigye and the Civil Aviation Authority wasn’t involved in anyway.

“Because they were going to cause disorders, we had to do a preventive arrest,” Kaweesi said.

“It’s true police arrested Dr Besigye and we were wearing Aviation jackets because airport has regulations, every security officer there must put on a brand of a regulatory body that’s CAA, even police put on CAA jackets for identification,” Kaweesi added.

In the same context, Ofwono Opondo the media centre spokesperson, called Besigye is a ‘lonely wolf’ whose method of defiance is entirely his own.

“If it was legitimate as he says, all his FDC members would have followed him,” said Opondo.