By Watchdog reporter

A white woman identified as Alison Gallagher has accused a Watoto minister, DJ Karo of snatching her husband Cedric Babu, a son of veteran politician Francis Babu.

Gallagher says recently, Babu started cheating on her which idea she never welcomed at all, more so she could accept the fact that she was cheating on her with his employee.

Karo is a DJ working under Kinetic Management which is owned by Babu.

Gallagher couldn’t hide her anger so she decided to go onto her social media to expose the infidelity acts between Karo and Babu evening tagging the first Lady, Janet Museveni so that she could be helped.

“Thank you Carol for empowering women through sports and thank you for sleeping with my husband,” Gallagher stated on her social media.

However, Babu insists that he is ready to wed DJ Karo because Gallagher and him are no more.