By our reporter

A whistleblower has petitioned government to investigate the source of immense wealth owned by top officials in the Auditor General Office.

Egesa Ronald Leonard, a private citizen who claims to have expertise in both covert and overt investigations says he leads a movement known as Ugandans Below 40 (UB40) whose sole aim is to fight against entrenched corruption in public service and restore sanity.

In a letter copied to President Yoweri Museveni, Speaker of Parliament, and Prime Minister among others, a one Egesa says with the help of patriotic Ugandans in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and other government agencies, his group was able to ascertain that Auditor General Mr.John F.S Muwanga, his assistant Mrs. Keto N. Kayemba and Director Audit Mr. James Bantu have vast wealth in real estate sector and in various financial institutions which is not commensurate with their known source of income.

“Ever since I petitioned the Speaker for the removal of the Auditor General , I have received overwhelming evidence of misconduct and misbehavior of the Auditor General and his staff from a number of respected senior citizens and accounting professionals. I am therefore more convinced than before that the desire for illicit and primitive accumulation of wealth by the said officials is the main driver and motivation for the misconduct and misbehavior that has been widely cited,” noted Egesa.

“Furthermore, I bring to your attention the fact that the Office of the Auditor General has not been audited for many years which is a gross violation of the spirit and letter of the law as stipulated in section 36 of the National Audit Act, 2008. I am of the view that you interest yourself in the circumstances surrounding this violation of the law by stakeholders concerned i.e Parliament, Secretary to the Treasury and the Auditor General” he added.

Egesa further reveals that in a wake to submit his petition calling for the removal of Mr, Muwanga, he has received death threats from unknown people who attempt to silence him from investigating the officials in question.