By Lawrence Kazooba

On Friday morning, another sad episode in lives of the small traders opened with a fire burning Kisenyi market. Like we well know now that in Kampala, markets fires are not accidents but well planned projects by some tycoons backed by powerful people.

That was the case with Parkyard market at Nakivubo which suffered fires more than thrice, and eventually the whole world got to know who was behind the fires.

The tycoon Ham Kiggundu wanted the space around Nakivubo stadium for his own commercial development, and of course, he even took the stadium.

Unfortunately, the poor people who suffer the evil schemes of the rich, lose so much. When the fires burn their stock, it is almost all they have, it is all their eyes are set to make a living in the city that is increasingly becoming one for ‘haves’ and edging out the ‘have-nots’.

The Kisenyi fire on Friday morning is a rude reminder that there is no need to look for the cause of the fire – after all it will never be known. The traders who lost their merchandise need not borrow to set up stall again. Those whose merchandise was saved – need not rejoice.

The hard fact is – they should look for elsewhere to go. The tycoons of Kampala have identified that area for their own projects – and no one is going to stop them. It is only the poor traders in their way and the good tycoons don’t want to waste time talking with the poor over vacating that space.

And yes – the “poor people have proved noisy” whenever they are told to relocate to another place! More so, the tycoons of Kampala don’t want to spend a penny on compensating the affected people.

So they inflict loss and pain on the poor. The wise poor look for another place – the dimwits will remain and certainly will cry again. The tycoons of Kampala want to reclaim their properties!!! Pave way for them.