Mike Ssegawa

There are stories you listen to and wonder what people were thinking.

My friends Betty and Juliet cover court and they told me this story.

Betty’s was a quick one.

A woman walked out on her man. In her view, he was a useless loser. She didn’t sound him out until months later she heard that the guy had sold a plot of land, and was swimming in money.

She returned. Surprisingly, the man accepted her back.

One day however, he returned home, finding his property in the house missing save for his bed. He was inconsolable. The woman too was missing. He mounted a hunt for the woman.

And when he got her, he beat her up —in fact, putting her life in critical condition that some weeks later, she succumbed and died.

The man of course ended up in jail. Murder is his crime.

But like Betty says, “Some women are to blame. When you leave a man, don’t you return even after he gets rich or famous. Period.”

I agree with her: When you are over with a man, move on, and don’t look back. However, after choosing the path of separation, it should not necessarily turn the couple into sworn enemies that you can put each other’s lives in harm’s way.

Anyway, Juliet the other girl was itching to tell her story.

This particular woman had two babies with this man.

She had left him because she saw no future in her village man. She went to town, remarried, and God also blessed her with another baby.

One day, she desired to see her children in her previous relationship. The ones she left behind. So, she went to visit her ex’s home where the children still lived. She was in the company of her little bundle of joy.

After a long day, the lady didn’t return to her present home, she chose to spend a night at the old frame’s house. Eh, wait a minute. She spent the night in her ex’s bed!

But her conscience was clear. She didn’t want anything to do with the ex – and she was only spending the night to have more time with the children. She was determined not cross a certain line.

But for the man who had been single for some years since she left, the gesture meant she was ready for rekindle their romance. The man didn’t take a ‘no’ for the answer.

The lady stuck to her guns. The couple fought for the whole night.

It is in the fight that a woman lost her life. And the monstrous man killed the small baby too – in feat of anger.

Now – such stories tell the cruelty of men and how violence against women still has its ugly shadow around us to this day. But the question remain – why provoke someone to that extent – despite your good motives!

If you left a man, why would you return to his house, and have the brevity to spend a night in his bed?How do you leave your man and only return when you smell money?

And even if nothing was to happen between you two, I am sure your present husband will not be amused to hear that you spent a night with your ex – in the same bed. He won’t buy into your explanation that “nothing happened – even if it were me.

So please, when you leave someone, leave. And when you return to see children, it is better you meet them in a neutral place, and if that is not possible, make sure you don’t insist on spending the night – whether in his bedroom, or guestroom. Let bygones be so.

If the couple in the above case were a little wiser, maybe they should have lived a little longer. Don’t repeat their mistake.