By Betty Nambooze

Kabaka’s land where people are eligible for KYAPA MU NGALO is found in only one village in my constituency, Nantabulirwa. To make my people aware of the kyapa mu ngalo and busuulu on Kabaka’s land,I arranged for a meeting and invited the Buganda Land board to educate my people so that whatever they choose to decide is based on knowledge….the meeting is slated for today at Nantabulirwa.

Since we called for this meeting the RDC Maj.Matovu and one notorious army man called Maj.Ssegujja have frequented the village urguing people to revolt against Kabaka’s servants when they come for the meeting and denounce kyapa mu ngalo.

Sensing that they won’t be able to pull off such a scene in my constituency given the trust I enjoy in the area and the great respect Baganda have for the Kabaka and realising that this is destined to be a successful meeting,the two have this morning in connivance with some local leaders rounded off my local organisers, public address,tents and chairs and are holding them at Police and the offence MOBILISING TO RECRUIT REBELS!

Now I confirm my suspicion that all along the opposition on kyapa mu ngalo by agents of the regime had nothing to do with fighting for fairness but an attack on the Kingdom and the Kabaka.

The Writer is a Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality