By John C Ssentongo

Everyone sensible knows US is the not the greatest place on our planet. Of course, many Americans know it. However, some like self styled social and political commentator Ann Coulter, doesn’t know that. And it is not wise to blame her. For she has once described herself as ‘stupid’. Yes, she knows she is stupid. It is almost 10 months since Ann Coulter attempted to drag Uganda into US ugly political campaigns. In so doing, she wanted to say the opposite of what America is today is Uganda. Like I said, Coulter can be forgiven for not knowing much about Uganda apart from knowing it is a country somewhere in Africa. And by Africa, she is like other fools who believe Africa is the bedrock of disease and poverty, going by the narrative people who think as much as her have crafted.

The skinny lady, who speaks shit especially about the ongoing US presidential campaigns and a sworn Donald Trump supporter (which no one can fault her about), tried to tell her audience how life would be in US when Americans fail to pick Trump for the Republican nominee. Coulter is xenophobic that one day US can be filled by Black, Hispanics or that the religious of the country could actually be Islam. She told Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman that “the threat facing America right now is we’re about to become Uganda.” She explained that the main problem facing America is no longer the threat of a nuke from the Soviet Union, it’s not encroaching communism, the threat facing America right now is we’re about to become Uganda.

She added they we may also soon be “living under Sharia law.” So who is Ann Coulter? This is a woman trying hard to be America’s most hated little frame.

The angry woman who probably has never stepped her pencil thin legs on Ugandan soil compared a collapsed US to Uganda, an unpolluted island, with beauty from border to border. Coulter, who later imagined that US could be ruled by Sharia law, does not even know if there is an inch of Uganda that uses the Sharia or not. And possibly, even as a lawyer, does might know nothing about the Sharia law. This Donald Trump most vocal supporter once said admitted that she is very stupid, and therefore, the language she understands better is of those stupid like her.

And here is one. This woman with her toxic tongue has offended many people with racist hashtag, and words. She has called liberals “demomic’, ‘Demonic Liberals and Trump’ Coulter is the author of 10 political bestsellers, with titles such as How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must) and Demonic: How the Liberal is Endangering America. Coulter started out her law practise in New York, and is the legal correspondent for conservative political site Human Events. However, she is more known for TV appearances and writings on Twitter that insult her opponents or anyone she doesn’t like.