By Watchdog reporter

Ever since South Africa based Uganda tycoon Ivan Semwanga died, many controversial reports about what he used to do for a living and how he accumulated all his wealth have been spreading all over social media. Some reports indicate that the late was a conman who used to dupe people in the disguise of healing them whereas some went ahead to reveal that he had schools in South Africa which have been his major source of income.

However, there’s some new information which has been revealed by South Africa security agencies which implicate the Late Semwanga into being a criminal who used to make a living through carrying out illegal activities.

After the South African authorities watching a video of Rich Gang members splashing cash including South Africa rand into Semwanga’s grave, they were forced to make a more insightful investigation to know the true identity of Semwanga.

After a through checkup, the authorities revealed that Semwanga was known as Moreki in South Africa and he had a facebook account in the name of Moreki Finder which he used to solicit money from people in the disguise of telling them that he is a ‘luck giver’ and still through this account, he used to act as an interconnector of lovers.

The agencies further reveal that Semwanga had two passports ; one in the name of Ali Sennyomo and another one in the name of Ivan Semwanga.

Basing on records, Semwanga first entered South Africa in 1999 and he first stayed in a city known as Laudium in Central Pretoria but later shifted to Sandton, Johannesburg.

He first worked as a witchdoctor and he used to call himself ‘Shaba wa Shaba’ and during this process, he recruited many Ugandans who acted as agents for his shrines.

According to the records of Brooklyn City Colleges, the name Semwanga or Sennyomo is not allocated anywhere among the school owners but his ex-wife Zari Hassan’s name is indicated among the directors along with MS C Sullivan and R. Nsimbe.

One of media Houses in South Africa KwaZulu- Natal revealed that Semwanga was so close to a renowned South African traditional healer Zamokwakhe “Bhaka”Nzamo and it is alleged that they had some unknown business dealings.

However, King Lawrence, a cousin to the Semwanga said the late didn’t know anything about the traditional healer and the Facebook page ‘Moreki Finder’ was also  not for Ivan. He says it was opened up by conmen to defraud people of their cash.

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